Curriculum Vitae


Web Developer

Wide spectrum of design and developer skills.

Bridging the Gap

Between marketing/design teams and developers.

Strong design skills, able to take design concepts from print to web.


Developing for cross-browser and cross-devices.


Clean, reusable code.

High standards.

Attention to detail.

Organization skills.

User Friendly

Improving the user experience by creating user friendly websites.





Sense of humor.

I would enjoy contributing to a company that utilizes my full potential, and knowledge. A company I can grow with and encourages continuing education which is important to me, helping me maintain understanding of current web technologies and programming practices.

I am proactive rather than just reactive always looking for improvements that can benefit the company. I have many talents and experience that cover a wide spectrum. Combining my organization, attention to detail abilities alongside my design and development skills.

I have passion and enthusiasm which coexist with my career choices and work ethics. I thrive when there is a project which encompasses my experience and education and enjoy going to work.

I am a responsible and motivated person, thoroughly enjoying design and technology, who adapts well to all working environments and situations. I have developed numerous skills through travelling and working in different countries. I have found this to enhance my design and development skills along with other attributes.

Originally I came from a graphic design background that has taught me, amongst other things, creativity, design and attention to detail. I became a web designer in 1995 and started moving towards programming in 2005 allowing me to grow with the technology as it has progressed. I enjoy design, problem solving and the technical aspect of the web and I am very enthusiastic about future developments.

I have a passion for design and technology, always looking to expand my technical knowledge. I am very organized, which is imperative to good coding standards and time management. I specifically enjoy design concepts especially for user friendly applications, organizing content flow, analyzing systems and technical writing for future improvements.